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Our Grading Terms

Our grading scale for vintage carded items (carded figures are figures still sealed in the original bubble to the original card)

The C- condition refers to box or package condition. Note that AFA refers to Action Figure Authority, the singular Professional Grading Service for Collectible Toys. A general outline of the various grades is below:

C-9.0+  The item will be free of creasing or noticeable wear of any kind. It may have very slight edge wear (no more than average) and may be punched. The bubble will typically be crystal clear with no sign of yellowing. The overall appearance of the card will be new.

C-8.0+ – 8.5+  This is a very high condition package. The item will probably have 1 slight defect that prevents it from being C-9.5. This defect may be one of the following:

  1. Very slight yellowing to the bubble
  2. Very slight wrinkle on the card (perhaps 1 inch)
  3. Some edge wear or slight wear around the punch

C- 7.0+ – 7.5+

Average wear to the card and/or bubble. The package may have a large/small sticker or tear, large/small bubble indent, or a more severe combination of the defects listed above. Overall, there will be noticeable wear with one or more of defects listed, creases, bubble dent, cracks/tears to the bubble, yellowing to the bubble, 

C-6.0+ – 6.5+ Average to below average card and bubble. Problems are more prevalent; perhaps a heavy crease, major bubble dent, bigger cracks to the bubble, or a more severe combination of the defects listed above.

C-6 & Below average card and bubble. The figure is still sealed and mint, but the package has lots wear. This condition is not recommended for display. It is mainly of use to collectors who want to have a packaged figure, but do not want to pay a premium for the packaging. This is considered a very low condition.